“I wish to make the full value of the jewellery visible, so that it is more meaningful to its owner and his/her loved ones.”

For twenty years I worked at the Auction House de Zwaan; The place where my true love for jewellery and -often hidden- stories was born. Here, people regularly brought their jewellery or jewels they had received from an inheritance. O ften, they could tell very little about the origin of the jewellery. It’s such a shame when a piece of the history the jewellery or jewel is lost.

I really enjoyed unravelling these stories bit by bit and discovered that apart from the financial value clients found this invaluable information. This gave me a lot of satisfaction and made my profession more meaningful. I felt I wanted to do something with this.

A new way of valuing

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to preserve the stories behind the jewellery forever. To record them for the next generations. This is how my idea of a new way of valuing came to life: to include not only the financial value, but also the emotional value in the valuation report. With this dream I set up my own valuation firm in September 2022.

A unique combination

Over time the financial value of a piece of jewellery may change, but the story remains. The story of the maker, wearer, collector, and the spirit of the times. I really love these extraordinary stories; they add value to the jewellery and to the memories of a person or period.

I believe in a different approach, and as a certified appraiser, or gemmologist and goldsmith I am a unique combination. I use my expertise, passion for jewellery and curiosity to help people enjoy the rich history and stories behind their jewellery.

What is actually a certified or licensed appraiser

Registers for jewellery appraisers?

If you have your jewellery valued, you obviously want this done by someone with a professional degree and the proper knowledge. That is why there are registers for jewellery appraisers. If you engage a certified or accredited appraiser, you are certain that the appraisal report is legally valid and meets the strict requirements.

TMV Federation

In 2020 I obtained my certification, and this allows me to demonstrate thorough professional knowledge. I’m a member of the TMV Federation (Federation of Valuers, Brokers, and Auctioneers in Movable Property). They monitor the professional competence of their members with strict quality requirements. You can only remain a member of this federation if you demonstrate you keep track of your professional competence.

Additional certificates

I am also a certified FGA gemmologist (Fellowship of the Gemmological Association). The British Gemmological Association grants this certification. At the HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant- Diamond High Council) in Antwerp. I obtained my certificate for diamond Grader.

“Aging is an extraordinary proces whereby you become the person you always should have been.”

- David Bowie

Typically Anita

What you see, is what you get is my slogan. Sometimes a tad too direct, but always sincere and honest. I don’t like vague promises.

I’m well-known for my honest laughter, which can often be heard; I am quick to see the (often dry) humour in things.

In the morning, I need time to get started. But once I get going, I have appointments with my clients and throw myself into valuing jewellery, I lose track of the time.

I live in a small, picturesque village near Rotterdam. A nice, central place, for me and my clients.

I really love visiting museums and galleries and being inspired by all kinds of expressions of art. From the beautiful colouring and design to the underlying ideas of the artists. eën.

I do my job with an enormous passion for jewellery. That is why I take great care of the jewellery and I work in a structured way.