“Jewellery carries personal, historical and creative stories, which is of more significance than we would think”

Anita Veenendaal – Jewellery expert

Special moments and memories to cherish

A piece of jewellery has a financial value, the story behind it is even more precious. Unique, one of a kind and sometimes hidden in the past. During the valuation I will talk to you about the personal, historical and sometimes the creative story of the jewellery.


“My grandmother’s ring was made by a well-known goldsmith from the 19th century. And the stone turned out to be a gemstone which was very rare at that time. It’s such a beautiful story; for myself, but also for my children.”

New-style valuation

As a certified appraiser I record the financial value of the piece of jewellery in a valuation report. I supplement the financial data with information about the spirit of the times, the maker, whether a special occasion is involved, why the piece of jewellery was purchased or donated.

This gives you a valuation report with muchmorevalue for yourself and your loved ones.


By means of a digital or telephone introduction, I establish your enquiry and together we will determine how to approach the valuation route.

Estimate of the cost

No later than after three working days you will receive an indication by e-mail describing the costs and possibilities.

New-style valuation

I will come to your home to do the valuation and hear your personal story. You will receive the report on paper and digitally.

Have your jewellery or jewels appraised to avoid that:

Special moments and memories to cherish

“While cleaning out a drawer, I found a piece of jewellery once given by my sister. I all forgot about it. What would it be worth? And what is it made of? Unfortunately, I can’t ask my sister anymore….”

I am Anita Veenendaal

People describe me as a person who is energetic, sincere, trustworthy, warm-hearted, loyal and passionate. I love unusual jewellery and their stories, and I want to combine all my knowledge, expertise, and experience to work with extraordinary jewellery and fine people every day.

"Exuberance is beauty."

- William Blake