“As certified appraiser, gemmologist and goldsmith I will help you appraise your jewellery to its full value”.

Why have a piece of jewellery valued?


The moment you want to take out insurance for your jewellery and you want to be fully confident that your insurer will pay out the amount after damage, theft or loss, you need an appraisal report from a certified appraiser.


You have inherited jewellery due to a death and you would like to know the financial value to divide the inheritance fairly among heirs. This value is also needed for the inheritance tax return (formerly called inheritance). An objective and expert valuation takes care of this.


Times change, and so do your tastes. This may be a reason to sell your jewellery. To be able to ask the right price for your jewellery or jewels, you want to know its financial value. Based on this you can determine the right selling price.

Don’t let the memories be lost

“I engaged Anita because I was keen to know the value of a ring, given to me by my parents when I got married in 1963. How much did I enjoy the stories she knew to tell! Besides the financial value, it is wonderful to know about these stories and be able to preserve this for my grandchildren.”

Value-added valuations

Do you possess jewellery or jewels and you want to know what it is worth? Have it appraised and you will receive a valuation report from me with the financial value. And more.

Because I will go a step further than determining the value of the jewellery. I look for the story behind the jewellery.

Don't let memories be lost

On top of the financial value there is so much more to discover about your piece of jewellery or jewel. The full value is determined by creativity, technical excellence, the emotional and ahistorical stories. That complete picture, that is my commitment.

“Jewellery has the hidden talent to guild and embellish scars”.

- Gary Sybor

An estimate of the cost to protect your jewellery.

Every jewellery item is different and so each valuation, therefore every collaboration is customized. To draw up a valuation report my fee is € 150, – per hour including VAT. This rate applies for the valuation at your home as well as the time I need for research and writing the report. The cost for any certificates of the jewellery are added as an extra charge.

To give you an indication of the costs, I describe three client situations.


“When my mother passed away, a lot of things emerged: rings, necklaces and a few heavy bracelets. Actually, jewellery that ladies in their 80’s collect over time. Anita delivered a clear and neat valuation report.” Cost € 450, –


“My father had once given me a beautiful, gold ring set with a green stone. I really didn’t have a clue what it was made of or its value. I really wanted to know, but my father couldn’t remember anything about it, except that he had bought it on a business trip in Afghanistan. Anita did extensive research and the gemstone turned out to be a tourmaline. The report details this, in addition to its financial value.” Cost € 150, –


“My grandmother had quite a collection of jewellery. She enjoyed wearing them, but I always thought they were very eye-catching. When I came to see Anita to draw up an inheritance tax report, she got all excited. As it turned out, my grandmother had accumulated an extraordinary collection over the years. I never realised this; this was such interesting information! I now look very differently at this jewellery and consider the report as a small tribute to my grandmother.” Cost € 600, –

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